In 1827, Catherine McAuley opened the doors of the 'House of Mercy' in Dublin, Ireland.

Her dream of providing disadvantaged women and children with housing, education and religious and social services – enabling them to find a brighter future – had become a reality.

Catherine founded the Sisters of Mercy in 1831. Committed to compassionate presence, the Sisters of Mercy spread throughout the world.

Led by Mother Ursula Frayne, the Sisters of Mercy first arrived in Australia in 1846.

The Australian congregation established ministries around the country including Regina Coeli (now McAuley House) which dates back to the 1930s and Mercy Care (now McAuley Care) which was established in 1988.

McAuley Community Services for Women was formed in 2008 when the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea joined the Regina Coeli and Mercy Care programs to expand its commitment to women and children.

An innovative and rapidly growing organisation, McAuley Community Services for Women is operated by a dedicated team of Board members, staff and volunteers.

Today, Catherine’s founding spirit and ethos continues to live on at McAuley Community Services for Women.